Cathleen Coltrain, Child Care Lead

Email: ccoltrain@temeculaprep.com


TPS offers a K-6 voluntary, fee-based, after-school childcare that is designed to align with the mission of TPS and emphasize our core values. Operated by dedicated and caring staff members, TPS after-school childcare provides nurturing social interactions, homework assistance, recreational activities, and emphasizes good citizenship and positive relationships. Students are encouraged to develop good habits while caring for themselves, others and their environment. We provide an on-site, safe, stable, and organized setting that meets your family’s after-school childcare needs. For general information regarding the program, please contact Mrs. Coltrain.

TPS 2017-18 Child Care Information & Packet.pdf
TPS 2018 Summer Camp Information

For payments/Tuition Express ID# & Registration Code, please contact: Mrs. Ollom; Email: kollom@temeculaprep.com.

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