Temecula Preparatory School believes that it is important to foster a school that is safe, clean, and orderly to nurture learning. Additionally we believe that our school should be characterized by trust, professionalism, and high expectations for all students, as well as a focus on continuous school improvement.

In order to ensure that we are fostering learning in this way and providing an opportunity for our students to meet high expectations, we have placed great importance on our ASB program which is led by three (3) separately elected student councils. This fosters the example of peer leadership early on in our students’ lives which is critical to our overall vision of building a heritage of leaders in our community and society which will promote virtue, wisdom and knowledge.

Student Councils: The most important constituency in the school is the one we have been created to serve, the students. Our student’s needs for an excellent education drive our vision and mission. Part of providing an excellent education is developing a strong student culture where students are encouraged to lead in the development of school policies, activities, and events.

To facilitate the desire for this growth of student leaders, TPS has created a strong and active “Student Council.”

There are three separate “Student Councils.” The first serves grades K-6; the second serve grades 7-8; the third serves grades 9-12. Each of these councils is filled by students who have been elected from the overall student body by their peers.

These three bodies provide students with a venue for their voices to be heard and to help gauge the needs of the student body as a whole.

In addition, these councils plan activities and events that support student culture needs and desires.

Among the events that the council’s have planned are: school dances, spirit weeks, field days, pep-rallies, career-days, community outreaches, and a culture fair.

These councils are instrumental in the overall vision for our school where virtue matters and is lived out, but more importantly, where students witness the impact of virtue on other people and as a result, they are inspired to pursue virtuous leadership after they leave our classrooms.

High School ASB Advisor | Yvonne Crace and Houston Groves

Lower School ASB Advisor | Fabiola Pimienta