The following list are what is commonly referred to as a “Supply List” that teachers send out to parents each year so that
students can come prepared on the first day of school with the appropriate supplies. You will notice that these lists are called
“Requested Donations.” TPS is not allowed to charge students or require students to pay for materials and supplies that are
needed for daily instruction or activities. However, these supplies are needed to accomplish the vision and mission of TPS,
and would be greatly appreciated as donations.

Again, the lists of materials are not at all mandatory and we do not want parents to feel any pressure to purchase
them. At the same time, if you would like to donate any or all of these supplies to your student’s classroom, it would be
greatly appreciated by the school and especially by your student’s teacher. With your help, we can continue to maintain the
quality of education that we’ve come to love at TPS.

*Please note that all gifts to the school are tax deductible & all non-cash donations of $250.00 or less do not require a receipt.

*Please click on the icon below and scroll through to view the TK-6,  and grades 7/8.

TK through 6

7 and 8