If it is necessary to change pick up procedures due to inclement weather, we will post “Rainy Day Pickup” on the electronic marquee and the procedures below will be followed.  We will only be calling for these alternate procedures when absolutely necessary, so if you notice the forecast is calling for rain, please send your child to school with an umbrella and appropriate outerwear.   

Procedures if “Rainy Day Pick Up” is called:

  • Parent parking will be permitted in any open parking space in either lot and around the dropoff/pickup loop.  (Double parking is NOT permitted.)

TK through 6th grade Parents:

  • Find a parking spot and go to your child’s classroom to pick them up.
  • Teachers will be at the classroom door.  Please do not enter the classroom.  
  • If your child rides a bicycle, they are welcome to call a parent for a ride home, in their classroom, using their cell phone.

7th through 12th grade:

  • Students will be released as normal.
  • If your child rides a bicycle, they are welcome to call home for a ride in the classroom on their cell phone.
  • Student drivers will be released as normal.
  • If we determine students should not wait outside the classrooms, students will wait in the classroom until a parent arrives.  Students will have permission to use cell phones to contact you and inform you of their whereabouts.