Temecula Preparatory School Strategic Plan 2023-2028 

   Approved September 20, 2023

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The Temecula Preparatory School strategic plan is designed to support the school’s vision and mission. Administrators and the board of directors will refer to this strategic plan so that decisions are made with long-term goals in mind. The strategic plan identifies six key goals to be achieved over the next five years. The board of directors will monitor the progress made on each of the strategic goals and annually update the plan.  


Goal 1:  Cultivate Unity and Identity: Foster a Resilient and Thriving School Culture

Goal 2:  Elevate Classroom Instruction for Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Goal 3:  Strengthen Safety and Security Measures for a Protected and Resilient School Environment

Goal 4:  Enhance Campus Infrastructure and Facilities for an Optimal Learning Environment

Goal 5:  Strengthen Outreach and Communication for Enhanced Engagement and Awareness

Goal 6:  Ensure Long-Term Financial Sustainability and Stability

Goal 1: Cultivating Unity and Identity: Fostering a Resilient and Thriving School Culture

Objective 1

Secure favorable student outcomes and well-being by implementing a tiered MTSS program encompassing Academic, Behavioral, and Social/Emotional dimensions

  • Sustain ongoing enhancement of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions and establish a comprehensive 3rd tier within the MTSS program.
  • Strengthen the development of a robust Positive Behavior Support System, aligning with WASC Standard #3.
  • Enhance the academic performance of students in lower-performing subgroups, focusing on those performing below strand level in math, in alignment with LCAP Goal #1.
  • Reduce instances of chronic absenteeism to optimize student success, in alignment with LCAP Goal #2.
  • Tailor interventions to meet the specific needs of higher-achieving students, ensuring appropriate levels of challenge.
  • Employ data-driven strategies to provide social and behavioral support for struggling students.
  • Create and implement a proactive, structured mental health program to address the emotional well-being of students.


Objective 2

Sustain and Enhance Personnel Engagement, Growth, and Retention

  • Continue refining and updating the Personnel Evaluation System to cater to the requirements of staff and teachers, aligning with WASC Standard #4.
  • Yearly assess the salary schedule and employee benefits to maintain competitiveness while ensuring financial sustainability within the school budget.
  • Maintain the practice of conducting exit interviews to gain insights into causes of staff turnover, and formulate focused strategies for staff retention.
  • Foster and support teachers’ active participation in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to collaboratively address data-based student needs and exchange best practices.
  • Institute a grant application process, facilitated by the TPS Foundation, to encourage and sponsor enrichment activities within the classroom.
  • Regularly assess the school’s needs in relation to Classical Education Training, ensuring ongoing responsiveness to training requirements.

Objective 3

Enhance Retention of Upper School Students

  • Institute a student mentorship/buddy initiative, extending beyond the initial weeks of student enrollment.
  • Provide student education sessions to communicate how TPS education uniquely distinguishes them in pursuit of their future academic and career aspirations.
  • Create new after-school enrichment initiatives, art programs, and sports activities to cater to the wide array of student interests.
  • Conduct comprehensive data collection and research to discern the preferences of students and parents for offerings at TPS.

Showcase achievements and success stories of students who epitomize the values of classical education.


Goal 2:  Elevate Classroom Instruction for Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Objective 1

Develop and Finalize Comprehensive Curriculum Maps and Performance Standards

  • Engage in collaborative efforts with teachers to create and sustain comprehensive curriculum maps and learning expectations for each subject.
  • Consistently assess and revise the curriculum to guarantee alignment with Classical education principles and state standards.
  • Enhance the music, art, and foreign language programs to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience.
  • Coordinate school-wide events and activities that promote a unified school community, such as art exhibitions, musical performances, and historical showcases.


Objective 2

Ensure Adherence to Classical Instructional Models Outlined in the TPS Manifesto among Teachers

  • Regularly assess and enhance new teacher/staff training to ensure comprehensive understanding of the TPS Manifesto and instructional standards.
  • Establish a comprehensive follow-through initiative to monitor and ensure consistent adherence to the expected TPS practices among teachers.
  • Foster the embodiment of the role of Mentor/Role Model in teachers, inspiring students to align with the Mission and Vision of TPS.


Objective 3

Facilitate Integration of Personal Passions and Interests into Curriculum-Aligned Lessons for Teachers

  • Establish and communicate a mini-grant program through the TPS Foundation to provide funds.


Goal 3: Strengthen Safety and Security Measures for a Protected and Resilient School Environment

Objective 1

Persist in upholding, evaluating, and enhancing comprehensive emergency plans through collaborative efforts with staff and relevant authorities

  • Regularly conduct safety drills to ensure the readiness of students and staff for diverse emergencies, focusing particularly on the reunification procedure.
  • Explore possibilities to enhance the availability of operational staff cell phones on campus and secure the required equipment.
  • Sustain ongoing staff training in safety procedures.


Objective 2

Enhance Technology Security and Education for Ensuring Safe and Appropriate Student Usage

  • Develop and implement comprehensive technology awareness workshops for students and educators.

Objective 3

Pursue Ongoing Enhancement of Safety and Efficiency in Student Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Work with officials to conduct traffic flow assessments and research design modifications to optimize student drop-off and pick-up processes.

Objective 4

Conduct Research and Data Collection Among Students to Identify Factors Contributing to Their Sense of Safety on Campus

  • Formulate a strategy based on the collected data.
  • Strengthen the student safety plan procedure for identifying students at risk.


Goal 4: Enhance Campus Infrastructure and Facilities for an Optimal Learning Environment

Objective 1

Sustain Efforts in Advancing Campus Beautification

  • Identifying avenues to enrich TPS culture with visually captivating and historically significant artworks.

Objective 2

Elevate Facility Cleanliness and Maintenance Standards

  • Conduct regular inspections and necessary improvements.
  • Ensure healthful ventilation systems and essential upgrades for a secure learning environment.

Objective 3

Pursue Further Opportunities for Increased Shade across the Campus

  • Conduct site assessment and implement additional shade structures in high-traffic areas.

Goal 5: Strengthen Outreach and Communication for Enhanced Engagement and Awareness

Objective 1

Foster a Strong Sense of Pride in the Classical Education Model

  • Launch comprehensive awareness campaigns for current and prospective students and families.
  • Showcase exemplary student success stories and accomplishments that embody classical education values.
  • Enhance TPS website to spotlight classical instructional practices and philosophies.
  • Undertake public education initiatives to establish TPS as a distinguished TK-12 educational institution with recognizable benefits.


Objective 2

Strengthen Community Engagement and Networking

  • Launch a robust alumni engagement program.
  • Forge collaborative partnerships with local businesses and community leaders.
  • Investigate feasibility of establishing a comprehensive alumni and donor database.
  • Evaluate potential for acquiring dedicated staff or partner firms to drive community networking efforts.


Objective 3

Sustain Positive Collaboration and Relations with TVUSD

  • Conduct regular joint meetings with TVUSD officials to foster open communication and alignment of goals.


Goal 6: Ensure Long-Term Financial Sustainability and Stability

Objective 1

Uphold Sound Financial Stewardship

  • Continue to conduct rigorous financial oversight measures to ensure robust financial health of the school.


Objective 2

Foster Collaborative Partnerships with TPS Foundation and PATS

  • Collaborate closely with the TPS Foundation and PATS to identify, plan, and execute initiatives that generate mutually beneficial outcomes.