PATS Meeting Minutes

PATS General Meeting Minutes

Temecula Preparatory MPR

August 29, 2018


Meeting called to order at: 7:48 am


All PATS Executive Board members in attendance


Pledge of Allegiance done by Alicia Ivar (PATS Secretary)


Handouts provided:  PATS General Meeting Minutes dated 4-18-18, Meeting agenda/volunteer opportunities, TPS account balances dated August 2018, Yearly Budget, APEX run flyer and box tops flyer.  


Opening Remarks:  All parents are PATS members and are entitled to a vote in all PATS matters that are up for a vote.  There is no membership fee associated with being a PATS member. The Executive board was introduced; Cindy Evans (President), Alicia Ivar (Secretary), Shaylene Myers (Treasurer/Scrip), Windy Ciucki (VP Programs) and Jill Foster (VP Ways and Means). This is the board’s last year of service in their current positions, so anyone interested should contact to gain more information on PATS Executive Board positions.


Upper school Athletic Director Coach Litt:  He has been at TPS for 12 years. We currently have close to 20 varsity teams.  A girls varsity Soccer team has been added with the potential of starting JV soccer girls and boys teams.  This year they also added a boys varsity volleyball team. The next home game for TPS football will be on September 7th at 7:00 PM.  


Middle school Athletic Director Jason Karg:  The boys baseball league has been switched to a Temecula League so kids don’t need early dismissal and miss valuable academic instruction.  We have 21 boys teams on 2 Baseball teams (bronco and pony). Flag football tryouts were held Monday with 23 boys. They will be divided in half to make 2 teams and will play the local small schools. Girls volleyball has 47 girls signed up for tryouts.  The teams will consist of 12-13 per team and we have 2 teams. Huge interest in this sport. Cross county 25 kids signed up, Mrs. Warren is unable to continue the program so we are looking for a coach. {position filled}


No update on Upper or Lower School ASB presented today.


Financial Report:  Presented by Cindy Evans.  We are looking to replace Mrs. Shalene (Treasurer) so that she can focus on the SCRIP program.  We would like to have someone with experience in Quickbooks to make the process easily. You are given a laptop and the position would require just one to two hours a week along with monthly Executive Board meeting and general meetings.  E-Mail Cindy with interests at  {request cancelled}


SCRIP Program:  Presented by Shalene Myers (Treasurer) Scrip is a fundraising program for our school.  You purchase gift cards from us and a portion of the proceeds come directly back to our school.  The program is set up so that you can designate a specific grade level or sports team to receive a portion of those school funds.  We sell outside the gift cards outside the gate on Tuesdays/Thursdays and we can meet you or send gift cards home with responsible children.  Also available online. Links will be posted on social media and placed on school website. A signupgenius will be set up for anyone who is willing/able to help us sell scrip.  Once the sign up is ready we will post it online/social media.


Mrs. Husky:  Text messages, for those of you who are not receiving them there was an opt in opt out option that was sent out prior to school starting.  More information will be sent out in the Friday email if you would like to opt in at his time. She also welcomed all the new families and all those who attended a PATS meeting for the first time.


Budget:  Presented by Cindy Evans (President) The budget must be presented at the beginning of each year to all PATS members.  This year we will like to have a fall carnival instead of a winter one. (See Attachment for more details)


Jog-A-Thon:  APEX fun run.  It’s a two week long program that will teach them about character and fitness. K-6 right now.  Starts off with an assembly and then continues for the 2 weeks. They will go into the classrooms for 5 minutes a day.  Each day they will discuss the letter of the day. The theme is STRONG. See flyer. They get backpack and we will need volunteers to mark pack packs.  It’s all online (donations). 7-8 grade plans are in the works. We are discussing a color battle for them, waiting on approval from Mrs. Fuller. It’s would be a pay to play event.  

  • Distribution of funds.  Suggestions may be presented to the Board who will bring it in front of the general meeting for a vote.  
  • For the TPS school store, you will need to re register in order to check out.  

FALL CARNIVAL:  Scheduled for October 17, 2018.  To replace previous Winterfest/Winter Carnival events.  Vote to release funds- Mrs. Rubio made a motion to release $4,000 to establish Fall Carnival spending account.  Mrs Hassankhail seconded the motion and the motion was approved.


PATS members Comments: Ideas for each class to present a basket that can be raffled off and proceeds would go to to that particular classroom (possibly done during the fall carnival).


Fundraising opportunity:  Amazon smile link will be sent out in the Friday e-mail.  


Meeting opened for comments:  PATS website; do we have one? PATS does not have its own website but does have Facebook page.  Information regarding PATS can also be found via the TPS website. To help PATS with volunteers we can reach out to our grade levels and share information regarding volunteering and fundraising.


8:45am meeting adjourned





Minutes taken by Alicia Ivar (Secretary)

PATS General Meeting Minutes

Temecula Preparatory MPR

September 19, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:46 by Cindy Evans (President).  All PATS Executive Board members are in attendance with the exception of Shalene Myers (Treasurer).   

Pledge of Allegiance done via intercom.

Handout provided:  PATS General Meeting Minutes dated 8/29/18, PATS Treasurer reports dated July 1 through September 11, 2018 and agenda.  

Opening remarks:  Cindy Evans noticed a typo on the meeting agenda.  The date of August 29th, 2017 should be updated to show September 19, 2018.  

Mrs. Yanez made a motion to approve the General Meeting Minutes dated August 29th, 2018.  Mrs. Clay seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

Financial Report done by Cindy Evans.  There has been little activity since the last meeting.  There were no questions or comments regarding financials.  

Last months We-Cycle Wednesday was a great success!  A special thanks to all the volunteers who collect the recyclables and for those who transport it all and turn it in.  Last month we made roughly $100.

Apex Run update:  Two representatives from APEX were in attendance.  Yesterday was the first day that they were in the classrooms.  The Fun Run will be next wednesday the 26th. APEX will be bringing water guns to try and keep the kids cool in this hot weather.  PATS will be providing ice for the coolers to ensure that the kids have cold drinking water during the race along with waters and snacks after the race. Temecula Preparatory had the largest jump in funds on day one that APEX has ever seen.

  • The easiest way to raise funds for your children is to share their APEX link (located on the lanyard that was provided to each child)
  • The average number of laps ran by children is 26. APEX will limit the maximum laps ran to 36.
  • If any parents are interested in videotaping any of the lessons taught to the kids they are encouraged to  do so and post on social media. To find a schedule of times/classes see the front office.
  • A percentage of funds raised automatically goes to each grade level.  If you have multiple children in different grades you can link them so they will all share one main donation page.  If you do this, all of the donations and prizes will be divided equally among them. You can also choose to leave them separate and send individual links for each child.  
  • At the APEX run there will be a giant inflatable tunnel that the kids will run through each lap and APEX athletes will be running with the kids to keep them motivated.  Music will also be provided.
  • If you have any questions regarding APEX please email:  

Fall carnival:  The date has been postponed until November 9th, 2018.  We will be having an evening event due to the majority of votes received on the facebook poll.  More information on this event and volunteer opportunities will be sent out once they are available.

Box Tops:  The first of two Box Tops Competitions is now underway.  The deadline to submit for this competition is October 5th.   The classroom that turns in the most Box Tops will earn a pizza party.   The Stein Family has graciously offered to handle this program this year.   Information will be handed out by teachers regarding.

Volunteer Opportunities:

APEX Fun Run on September 26th:  Help mark laps during the race and pass out waters and snacks after the race.  To sign up and see more information follow the Signup Genius link.

Book Fair:   October 1st-5th

Mrs. Morrison is asking for help during the book fair.  Please note that it will be taking place Monday -Thursday.  Signup Genius link:

Next PATS General Meeting:  October 17,2018.

Minutes completed by Alicia Ivar (Secretary)