TPS: A Heritage of Virtue, Wisdom, & Knowledge

TPS Mission:

Temecula Preparatory School inspires students to become virtuous citizens, critical thinkers, and life-long learners through a classical education and understanding of human virtue.

TPS Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Virtus (Virtue)

TPS Students are
Exemplary Citizens Who:

A. Demonstrate standards of excellence in virtuous character, manners, and civility.

B. Understand the principles of a democratic society through the study of American and Greco-Roman history.

C. Exhibit responsible citizenship through civic participation and community service.

Disciplina (Discipline)

TPS Students are
Prudent Individuals Who:

A. Make responsible decisions based on the study of classical human virtue.

B. Recognize, value, and advocate for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Docere (Education)

TPS Students are Analytical Thinkers
and Problem Solvers Who:

A. Acquire a classical foundation of core knowledge.

B.  Use logical thinking to analyze problems, discover relationships, and create solutions.

C.  Utilize rhetorical skills to positively influence others and initiate change.

D. Listen, read, write, speak, and act with purpose.

E.  Evaluate individual decisions from a global perspective. 

TPS Virtues


Justice means treating others with kindness and respect. 

Respect, friendship, kindness, compassion, generosity, fairness.


Temperance is about mastering ourselves and our impulses for the sake of the happiness of those around us. It’s about acting the right way at the right time.

Good manners, self-control, patience, and obedience.


Fortitude means having the courage to face challenges and obstacles; persevering when things get tough.

Courage, optimism, perseverance and loyalty.


Prudence is about having sound judgment and making wise choices. It’s about being thoughtful.

Honesty, wisdom, gratitude, and humility.