TPS Alumni Program

At Temecula Preparatory School we believe in cultivating a culture of family and community for our students and alumni. Thus we are starting our first official Alumni Program for our Patriots who have graduated from TPS! In the future, we plan on organizing events for our alumni, inviting you to our Annual Patriot’s Ball, keeping you ‘up to date’ and ‘in the know’ about what your alma mater is doing, posting on our social media about your accomplishments and helping you to stay in touch with your fellow alums.

Stay Connected!

Would you kindly help us by filling out the request for information form so that we may invite you to events and keep you updated?

TPS Alumni (Closed) Facebook Group - Only for TPS Alumni

Join Us & Stay connected! This is a closed Facebook group for TPS Alumni where you can share updates, stay in contact with the friends that you’ve made at TPS, and be informed about upcoming social events that are only for TPS Alumni. This is a closed group so only TPS Alumni will be allowed to join.