TPS Press Policy

Any news media personnel seeking any information, requesting interviews with any school personnel, or wishing to gain access to the school campus for any reason must first receive prior authorization from Temecula Preparatory School by contacting

This process is to ensure that parents’ expectations of student privacy are met and that there are no disruptions to the learning environment.

If news media has been granted authorization to visit a school campus, they must check-in and out at the School Office and wear a visitor’s badge for the duration of their visit. Throughout the visit, media personnel will be escorted by a staff member.

• TPS will not release the names of students under 18 years of age to the media without prior consent from the student’s parent or guardian.
• The names of students over the age of 18 years of age will not be released without prior consent of that student.
• Names of victims or suspects will not be released by TPS. Media personnel will be referred to a hospital, police department or fire department for such information.
• Home addresses, telephone numbers and/or email addresses of students and TPS employees will not be released to the media without prior consent from the involved parties.
• Open Records Requests should be directed to

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