Temecula Preparatory School is a high-performing charter school, but receives approximately 1/3 less state funding than traditional public schools. As a result, we are pursuing grants to help fund equipment needs (i.e. science lab), special projects such as STEM/STEAM, and our arts program.

We believe that the arts are an integral component to the classical model as it is steeped in the Humanities. The performing arts such as music and theater along with a robust language arts program complement and enhance the holistic education provided to our K-12 students. This well-rounded approach helps increase our state testing scores, year over year, by integrating subjects, providing project, place-based learning opportunities, and by stimulating all areas of the brain.

We are pursuing state, federal, corporate and private foundation grants.

Robotics Team Awarded: - $1000 Grant from Society of Women Engineers - $4500 from Abbott Laboratories

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Society of women engineers

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Press Updates

WINCHESTER: School Receives Corporate Grant for Science Program; Press Enterprise, November 28, 2014. Temecula Prep is Awarded Grant from Macy’s for Its High School Art Program; Press Release; 1/12/2015

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