What is "Advisory" period?

As part of the block schedule, all 9th thru 12th grade students have an “Advisory” period once a week. The purpose of advisory is to develop a relationship of philoxenia between the students and teachers, a place of nourishment and mentorship. The human experience, an understanding of what it means to be human is at the heart of classical education. Advisory will be the student’s academic ‘center’ at school. They will remain in the same advisory throughout the 4 years at TPS. Students will learn to develop a stronger sense of self and a deeper respect for self and others through the relationships and trust built in advisory. They will learn to develop their own voice with the support of the advisory teacher. A relationship of mentorship and respect for self and others through an understanding of the human experience is the focus of advisory.

Students taking AP Art can also use the advisory period to meet with the AP Art teacher to work on their art portfolios, which will be submitted to the college board, and our Academic Decathlon team can meet with their advisors to prepare for the AcaDec competition.

Updated on by Renee Huskey