Temecula Preparatory School (TPS) is a California public charter school. The California State Law allows for any student in California to apply to a charter school via a public lottery. Charter schools are public schools which follow the same rules and regulations as traditional public schools and are tuition-free.

Priority enrollment is given to residents who live in the Temecula Valley Unified School District because TVUSD is the authorizer of the TPS Charter.

When are applications accepted?

  • Applications for a school year are accepted up until the deadline provided on the application and school website.

When is the lottery drawn?

  • The lottery is held each April and open for public attendance. All applicants who submitted an application to the lottery will receive an email giving notice of the lottery pull date sometime in April.

Do I need to fill out a new application each time I apply if my child's name was not selected the prior year?

  • Yes, a new application is required each year for the student to be considered in the lottery.

If I have three children who are requesting enrollment, must I fill out three (3) applications?

  • Yes, each student requesting enrollment must fill out an individual application.

Do you accept printed applications?

  • No. We only accept applications online through our website “Apply” tab. If you need assistance to apply online, we are happy to help you.

Do you only fill spots before the start of a school year?

  • After the lottery pull each year at the end of April, we begin to offer available spots and continue to fill open spots until all available seats are filled. If an opening occurs in any grade during our school year, we fill those spots from the grade level’s waiting list. We fill spots through the end of each school year.

What are my chances of getting in to TPS?

  • The number of open spots fluctuates from year to year and depends on the number of currently enrolled student moving on to the next grade level. Since spots are filled via the grade level waiting list created by each year’s random lottery drawing (per our charter), your chances are greater if you are pulled with a lower number.

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