There are two essential reasons that the study of the arts is important to Temecula Preparatory School’s classical educational approach.

Above all else it is important to understand that the study of the arts is foundational to the study of history. The arts, visual or otherwise, do not occur in a vacuum or without context. They are a product of man’s conflict, pleasure, enjoyment of life, philosophy, government, and culture. Those creating art do so within the influences of the society and ethos around them. For this reason, the ideas that are infused in art are the reason that their study and practice are important.

The second reason for the study of the arts is that all of the arts are connected through the various philosophical movements in history. In other words, the arts are driven by man’s philosophy. What this means is that art does not only convey philosophical facts, but it is also used to convey philosophical theory.

We have a strong visual arts program. For grades K-6, students participate in the development of art projects inspired by well known artists throughout history.

In grades 7-8 we begin the elective art process with a basic art pencil and paint program designed to teach students foundational art concepts.
In grades 9-12 we continue the visual arts program with Art 1, Art 2, 3-D Art, photography, and AP Art History.

We place such a high premium on the visual arts that we hold our own annual Art Festival; coordinated by the art teachers and PATS that allows all of our students and parents to view and enjoy the art produced by our students. This has been a great success and is in an integral part of the TPS culture.